Jackie Maloney (1896-1971)

Head Coach, 1922-23

One of Georgetown's most popular athletes of his day, John H. (Jackie) Maloney's time as head basketball coach is, like the man himself, all but forgotten today.

A stat athlete at Boston's Dorchester HS, Maloney followed his high school coach, John O'Reilly, to Washington in 1914. He starred for two seasons on the Georgetown football team as a quarterback and punter, though there is no record of him playing basketball." "To Jackie Maloney, our classmate, whose hand held the reins which guided the team to this success, goes the greatest credit," wrote the 1918 Ye Domesday Book yearbook. "Jackie was ranked high last year by football writers, but after the exhibition of such agility..he has soared higher and takes his place now not only with Georgetown's greatest players, but also among the stars of the 1917 season throughout the country."

Though his did no complete degree studies, Maloney remained at GU as an assistant football coach under Albert Exendine. Upon the continued illness of John O'Reilly in 1922, Maloney was tapped to lead the basketball team, where the club turned in an 8-3 record. O'Reilly returned in the fall of 1923, whereupon Maloney served as head football coach that season and resigned following a 3-6 finish. The circumstances of Maloney's departure were not publicized.

Despite his popularity, Maloney disappeared from the Georgetown consciousness. There is no reference to him in later issues of the HOYA or the alumni magazine--the 1957 alumni directory lists him as simply having "no address". Anecdotal evidence suggests Maloney relocated to Boston and raised a family there, as a John H. Maloney Jr. graduated from Boston College in 1950.

Per Social Security records, John Maloney died in 1971 at the age of 74.